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Our goal is to  provide our clients with legal  solutions to the changes in the family from birth and death, marriage and divorce, aging and estate planning.
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Former President Martin County Bar Association 2003 

​Tobias Simon Pro Bono Award Finalist

Title Insurance:

Portia Scott is a member of The Fund, a Title Insurance Company composed of attorneys and she can issue Title Insurance for your real estate purchase or sale, providing closing services and helping you get the deal done.

Real Estate:

One of the most exciting times in life is the purchase of your own real estate.  Another is the sale of it. The circumstances and challenges vary from closing to closing.  We have been handling real estate transactions since 1994 and can help you with your sale or purchase.

Portia Scott is Florida Supreme Court certified as a Circuit Court, Family Law and County Court mediator.  Not acting as an advocate for either party, a mediator is a neutral third party without judicial authority to make decisions but, instead, is trained to help the parties reach their own solutions.  Mediation, as opposed to Litigation, opens doors to win-win results.

Mediation Services:

Other Services Offered:

Not everyone is married when they have children and the romantic relationship ends.  To help ensure our client's rights and the children's rights are protected, we represent mothers and fathers in Paternity Actions and Child Support.  Issues regarding Access, Insurance expenses, claiming the tax deduction and day care are all addressed.

Medicaid and veterans' benefit planning

Little-known areas of law, planning for qualification for Medicaid and Veterans' Benefits, compensation or pension, is planning-intensive.  With the right amount of planning, we can help clients maintain their financial dignity while obtaining the rights their service to our Country has earned them..

No one ever gets married with the goal of divorcing.  Nevertheless, 50% of couples who marry do eventually decide to to end their marriages.  Before a marriage is created, the parties can agree on what will happen in the event of a divorce, death or annulment.  To ensure that plan is followed certain steps must be taken.  We can help.

It may be after the marriage when couples decide to part ways.  Divorces are often emotionally draining.  We see no reason to make them more so. Still, sometimes a spouse needs to vent in a courtroom and the other needs representation. Without unnecessarily adding fuel to the fire of divorce, we will work to ensure our clients receive exactly their fair share.  The issues involved, Alimony (Spousal Support), Fair Division of the family's debts and assets (Equitable Distribution), Child Support and Time-sharing, ultimate decision making, Insurance expenses and Uncovered Medical Expenses, the proper allocation of divorce costs each need to be addressed.  to ensure the best outcome for our clients and their children.  The goal is always to make the divorce as easy on the children as possible without the client fearing the loss of his or her status as parent.

family law:  Divorce, paternity pre-marriage agreements:

Guardianships & Alternatives:

When a loved one is no longer able to make informed decisions regarding his or her own finances or other choices, a Guardianship is not always the best and only choice.  At Portia B.  Scott, Chartered, we examine alternatives as well as formal Guardianships, plenary or limited, of the person or property or both, for adults or children,  always aiming for the least restricted option with the best chance for rehabilitation of the individual.

One of our favorite areas of practice, the specific legal steps are taken to ensure the legality of the adoption cannot later be questioned.  Making the bonds of love which already exist between a parent and child into a legally binding relationship requires experience and compassion.  We can help.


At Portia B. Scott, Chartered, we know life can throw anyone a curve at any time.  A sudden illness, unexpected loss of cognitive ability, a surprise pregnancy:  you never know what is coming next.  Each twist and turn of life can create new challenges to overcome.  Preparation is the key to making these surprises manageable.  Though it is better to make decisions with a cool head, sometimes speed is needed too.  Portia B. Scott, Chartered will be here to help you make the cool decisions and the heated ones, all with an aim of making them in accordance with your needs. 

Practice Areas:  elder law from Pre-Wedding planning to Inheritance for the Great Grandchildren

TRUSTS, Wills and Estate Planning:

We will work with your individual desires to ensure that your plans for yourself, your family, friends or favorite charity are the result you want.  Whether we use a Trust,  Will, Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogate, Living Will or Pre-Need Guardianship Declaration, each will be tailored to your exact goals.

Portia B. Scott